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Are you ready to unlearn everything that you have been taught including your "medical diagnosis"? I am asking you to look beyond the label(s) you have been given and instead see it from a different perspective. From the view that the mind, body, and spirit are simply not in balance, not in synergy. Your symptoms are the beacons signaling this to you in the physical. Your e-motions are most likely being depressed causing the energy in the body to be blocked, as a result, your mental health can suffer in the form of depression amongst other things if we continue to suppress our self-expression.

You see everything is energy, all interconnected, for the mind and body to be working in harmony we need to identify the physical, mental and emotional blockages that may be present, so we can restore the balance. Trying to fix the body in parts is not healing it's a band-aid at best. In order to heal, we must take a "wholistic" approach and identify the root cause(s). This is not only true for thyroid issues but fibromyalgia, cancer, and many other chronic illnesses and disease.

I have provided some documentaries, short videos, and books from leading doctors, researchers, scientists, and health practitioners alike, to enable you to understand this from different perspectives but ultimately to give you more information and insight so you can make more conscious choices for you and your family going forward.

We live in an information age, where ignorance is a choice.

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Danna Pycher

The Subconscious Mind

Dr Bruce Lipton

The Biology Of Belief

Dr Lissa Rankin

Can The Mind Heal The Body?

Dr Joe Dispenza

Break The Addiction

Healing The Gerson Way

Charlotte Gerson

Healing the Gerson Way, is written in an easy-to-read style with step-by-step instructions for implementing the Gerson Therapy.  While it is best known for its success in aiding people to heal many types of cancer, Gerson Therapy has an excellent track record in helping to overcome  virtually all other degenerative and chronic diseases.

Charlotte & Beata clarify the science of The Gerson Therapy and clearly demonstrate why our chemical filled, nutritionally empty, modern diet is a fundamental cause of today’s worsening health crisis. Most of all, it offers a natural and powerful nutritional program that rebuilds and re-boots your immune system, re-establishing your body’s natural defenses, returning you to complete health.


Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

Dr. Joe Dispenza

You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life. A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose.

Dr. Joe Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you what is truly possible.
Dr. Joe demystifies ancient understandings and bridges the gap between science and spirituality. 

Why People Don't Heal and How They Can.

Caroline Myss P.H.D

For more than fifteen years, Caroline Myss has studied why some people heal, while others do not. In her previous book, Anatomy of the Spirit, Dr. Myss illuminated the hidden interactions of belief and body, soul and cell to show how, as she inimitably puts it, your biography becomes your biology. In Why, People Don't Heal and How They Can, she builds on her earlier teachings of the seven different energy centers of the body to provide a vital self-healing program for physical and spiritual disorders. With her characteristic no-nonsense style and high-voltage storytelling, she exposes and explodes the five myths about healing, explains the cultural and individual contexts in which people become physically and spiritually ill and invested in woundology, and teaches new methods of working with the challenges that the seven energy centers embody.

Own Your Self

Dr Kelly Brogan, Holistic Psychiatrist

"For years, we've been telling ourselves that our difficult feelings-sadness, rage, shame, intensity, worry-are somehow "not okay." And, all too often, we've relied on the promise of pharmaceuticals to tamp them down. The fact is, though, that these feelings are a vital part of our experience. They are real. And those of us who feel them most strongly are the canaries in the coalmine-sensitive to things that are seriously wrong in the world today."


The Biology Of Belief

 Bruce Lipton, PHD.

In this greatly expanded edition, Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, explores his own experiments and those of other leading-edge scientists that have unraveled in ever greater detail how truly connected the mind, body, and spirit are. It is now widely recognized that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Instead, they are controlled by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our thoughts.

Liver Rescue

Medical Medium

"How many times have you seen something unfold that you knew could have gone differently if only others knew what you’d learned in life? For my whole life, I’ve watched the decades roll by while medical communities move along with steps and missteps trying to figure out why people suffer. I’ve witnessed them almost stumble upon the answers to what causes chronic illness, then never quite pull through and succeed.  My job is to deliver the answers to you."  

What the Health is a 2017 documentary film which critiques the health impact of meat and dairy products consumption, and questions the practices of the leading health and pharmaceutical organizations. Its primary purpose is to advocate for a plant-based diet. Filmmaker Kip Andersen uncovers the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases, and he investigates why the nation's leading health organizations doesn't want people to know about it.

Watch the full documentary here!

Forks over Knives

Heart disease, cancer, and stroke. These are three of the leading causes of death around the world. Meanwhile, diabetes is at epidemic levels even among adolescents. Across the globe, millions suffer from a form of degenerative disease. What if this could all be avoided? If these ailments could be controlled or perhaps even reversed?

Forks over Knives connects the relationship between mass food consumption and the escalating rates of declining health among the greater populace. The evidence will stun you. The current dietary paradigm which consists of animal-based meals and processed foods is killing us.

The meticulous research and compelling details here outline the causes, effects, and ultimately, avenues to the solution. Forks over Knives is essential viewing for everyone

You can rent this documentary here!

The Truth about Cancer

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest docu-series! We welcome you to watch this episode completely free. To sign up to be notified of the next airing of this docu-series, go here: http://bit.ly/a-global-quest-free

In this episode titled "The True History of Chemotherapy and the Pharmaceutical Monopoly", we will uncover the lies of chemotherapy and learn how Big Pharma falsifies "research"-based medicine. We'll hear about the families that donated to our medical education system... and how they created a medical monopoly.

Next, we visit the Hoxsey Clinic (Biomedical Center) in Tijuana, Mexico to interview doctors and patients. And we'll hear stories of children taken away from their parents and forced to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. 

For more episodes, you can go directly to the website link above or click below to be taken directly to their website.

TTAC Website

Heal Documentary

A documentary film that takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that by changing one's perceptions, the human body can heal itself. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. The fact is we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe. This film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all. HEAL not only taps into the brilliant minds of leading scientists and spiritual teachers but follows three people on actual high stakes healing journeys. Healing can be extremely complex and deeply personal, but it can also happen spontaneously in a moment.

Heal Website