Refreshing, Raspberry & Mango Smoothie

1 peach, sliced⁠
1/2 mango, cut into chunks⁠
Juice from 1 orange⁠
1 1/2 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen⁠
1 frozen banana (frozen will get the best consistency but you can also use a fresh banana)⁠
1 cup coconut water or water⁠

Make the orange layer by combining peach, mango and orange juice in a blender and blend until very smooth. Set aside and rinse the blender.⁠
Make the pink layer by combining raspberries, banana and coconut water in a blender and blend until smooth.⁠
Pour the orange layer into glasses, filling them up half way, then top with the pink layer. Serve immediately.

Serves: 2


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