You can heal

belief healing health Sep 03, 2020

I need to tell you something that contrary to popular belief and regardless of who told you. You, my friend, can heal from your chronic illness or autoimmune disease.
If I had continued to listen to what I had been told 10 years ago I would have indeed succeeded in a self-fulfilling prophecy. You see I was sick but what I didn’t realise back then was that I could heal from my illness, yes really! Instead, I spent almost 10 years talking and giving power to my ill health and continually going round in circles trying to get better. Until one day it all just clicked and I realised I had been doing it all wrong this whole time.

You can heal but first, you have to stop seeing yourself as a sick person and stop talking as a sick person. Stop getting fixated on lab results and start getting fixated on healing. The answers are all around you. You have to start thinking for yourself and listening to your intuition. You have to get tough and start removing everything in your life that no...

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Re-connection to self is what brings re-connection to health.

Re-connecting with ourselves is not something we should do but more something we must do in order to restore health in both the mind and body. The medical model that we have today is based on “reductionism” where all our issues can be explained A to B, cause, and effect, and based upon dualism, that the mind and body are split and separate. All illness, however, in reality, is multidimensional and connected and we must view it as such, taking account of what we are putting into our bodies (food, medications, toxins, etc.) genetics/epigenetics, society, our thoughts, behaviours, personality/sensitivity etc all impact and play a role in our health.

Our voices are what we use to communicate and, to express ourselves yet we are suppressing them. They offer us the pathway to our true selves. When we were young we used our voices to vocalize our true, raw, and unadulterated feelings, wants, and needs. There was no filter when we spoke but as we grew we began to internalize our...

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