Feeling Overwhelmed?

I even to this day still go through phases of overwhelm particularly when I am not only juggling a lot physically but even more so when I am consuming a lot mentally and emotionally. When I become overwhelmed I become fatigued and I begin to get air hunger. I consume so much mental energy replaying stories in my head or planning and preparing for future events that no matter how well I eat or how early I go to bed the overwhelm continues.

As someone who is empathic, I naturally absorb other's energies, and although I am getting better at observing and not absorbing, sometimes in a state of overwhelm I become less conscious of what I am letting in and so the cycle begins.

We live in a world today that really we are not equipped or even designed to be living in. Of course, evolution is part of the cycle of life but the demands and pressures we are all faced with today, place a huge and unnecessary burden on our mental and physical health and what we are seeing now is an influx in...

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