Re-connection to self is what brings re-connection to health.

Re-connecting with ourselves is not something we should do but more something we must do in order to restore health in both the mind and body. The medical model that we have today is based on “reductionism” where all our issues can be explained A to B, cause, and effect, and based upon dualism, that the mind and body are split and separate. All illness, however, in reality, is multidimensional and connected and we must view it as such, taking account of what we are putting into our bodies (food, medications, toxins, etc.) genetics/epigenetics, society, our thoughts, behaviours, personality/sensitivity etc all impact and play a role in our health.

Our voices are what we use to communicate and, to express ourselves yet we are suppressing them. They offer us the pathway to our true selves. When we were young we used our voices to vocalize our true, raw, and unadulterated feelings, wants, and needs. There was no filter when we spoke but as we grew we began to internalize our environment in order to understand ourselves in the greater context and so we began to suppress this natural voice in favour of a socialized mind and voice. This disconnected us from the power and energy of our natural sound. According to Edwin Choppard owner of Real People Music, he states “When we spoke, we were no longer representing the true self, but rather reflecting ideals and personas that aligned with society.”

Today in our society we have become so socially conditioned in every aspect of our lives that for many we lose sight of who we truly are. We make choices based on what we think others will deem acceptable or speak only words that are worthy to others ears. We stifle our emotions such as hurt, anger, resentment, and shame which all take its toll mentally and physically. We live in a society where we are not ourselves through fear of being excluded or not accepted. We are becoming more and more stressed as we continuously push ourselves to keep up, adopting the eat, sleep, work, repeat cycle.  We have lost the ability to think for ourselves and use our intuition. (it’s there for good reason!) Instead, we follow the crowd because if the majority is doing it, it must be right? wrong!

How does all this manifest itself you ask? Through physical, mental, and emotional illness. When you continue to do what is not in alignment with your soul, your body will tell you.

As Gabor Maté author of When The Body says No puts it “If you don’t know how to say no, your body will do it for you”.

When we talk about getting back to true wellness we must also begin to live our lives in a way that aligns with who we truly are and the best way to do this is by reconnecting to nature, why? Well because we are nature, nature is not something separate from ourselves so when we lose connection to nature we lose connection to ourselves.

We need to break the chains and start doing the things that feed our souls, driving out of town, turning off technology, looking at our diets or perhaps putting down that glass of wine. It’s really okay to say no to people too, it’s a form of self-care and you should never feel guilty for doing so.  I believe its time to say no to what no longer serves us…


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