Feeling Overwhelmed?

I even to this day still go through phases of overwhelm particularly when I am not only juggling a lot physically but even more so when I am consuming a lot mentally and emotionally. When I become overwhelmed I become fatigued and I begin to get air hunger. I consume so much mental energy replaying stories in my head or planning and preparing for future events that no matter how well I eat or how early I go to bed the overwhelm continues.

As someone who is empathic, I naturally absorb other's energies, and although I am getting better at observing and not absorbing, sometimes in a state of overwhelm I become less conscious of what I am letting in and so the cycle begins.

We live in a world today that really we are not equipped or even designed to be living in. Of course, evolution is part of the cycle of life but the demands and pressures we are all faced with today, place a huge and unnecessary burden on our mental and physical health and what we are seeing now is an influx in autoimmune conditions, stress, and mental health issues and so on and one of the reasons for that is disconnection to self. 

The world today is focused on industry and dominated by money, power, status, and such like, which in turn, means we look upon these things as measurements for our own “success” that we somehow should attain for ourselves, in some way too. Naturally, this causes a disconnect as we step out of alignment to pursue what “we think” will bring us happiness and joy.

Clever advertising and marketing campaigns tell us what we want and need in our lives to make us happy. In the short term it works like a treat, in the long term, we either want more or we slowly become less and less fulfilled by the materialistic offerings forcing us to question, what our true purpose here on earth is, and what is life about? 

Today we live in a society where the most inauthentic people are the most celebrated because of how they look or what they have and for many people that too becomes something to aspire too. 

We believe that happiness is attached to external stimuli, we are always looking to the next big thing or the next holiday or future event, and before we know it life has passed us by because we stopped living in the present in favour of the future, which is never now! 

We stopped listening to our intuition and detached ourselves from who we truly are in order to conform to the norms and social cues expected of us. For some that meant putting down the paintbrush or guitar to get a “real job” or depressing and stifling our emotions in order to keep up appearances. Some of us become depressed at the avatar we have created and shut down, others go on a spiritual journey in order to re-awaken to themselves and begin picking up the paintbrush once again!

When was the last time you sat with nature, at the park, in your garden, by the sea or on top of a mountain? No phone, no nothing just you and nature? Where your senses are consciously aware of the distinct sounds of the birds, or the smell of the fresh crisp air, the movement of the branches and leaves on the tree as they dance to the wind blowing graciously through them. As the mighty waves roll in one by one from the vast, beautiful, and mystical ocean, we let the joy, wonder, awe, and gratitude of it all fill us up! 

This is exactly how I regain clarity and remove the feelings of overwhelm, it’s how I ground myself back into the present moment because as part of my recovery I have learned that anxiety, stress, and feelings of overwhelm all come from living and thinking in the future. Depression comes from living in the past, so when you feel like that, I want you to focus on the present moment whether that be at the office or at home focus on the positives in any given moment. Life is beautiful when we start placing our attention on the simple things in life and take the time to appreciate the simplicity of it all.

Meditation or breathwork, 10 mins lying down, or sitting up is a gamechanger! Seriously if you want your anxiety to melt away, air hunger to disappear, and calm to return then give this gift to yourself every day and make it a priority for your health, the results are absolutely astounding for both our mental and emotional wellbeing and not only that it better equips us to deal with daily life as we have now come to know it. 

Most importantly though, know that you are not alone. We have been led to believe that some of our symptoms are only fixable with drugs this is not true, drugs don’t fix you, the same way they don’t fix the problems in our society either. They merely serve as a band-aid and we all know band-aids need to be pulled back at some point… 


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